Paul Postiglione

Partner and Director of Concord Plumbing & Heating

Paul brings an extensive background in the Mechanical ICI sector, entering the profession some 30+years as an Apprentice and then qualifying as a fully Licensed Plumber soon thereafter.

Paul’s passion for the profession and his business acumen led him to open his own Company at the young age of 19, venturing into Design build opportunities whilst also maintaining business in the Retail, Industrial and Commercial.

As the Partner of the company he has continued to grow the business, creating valued relationships with several General Contractors, Architects and Engineers, leading to years of repeat business.

Paul’s knowledge of the business and desire to create life-time relationships has afforded him to be elected as a Director, on the Executive Committee Board of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Toronto. Paul also sits on the Public Relations committee of the same association.

Patrick Carbonara

Partner and President of Concord Plumbing & Heating

Patrick brings extensive operational knowledge and experience, specifically in the ICI Sector. This experience has enabled the Company to grow over the years, working on multiple jobs with multiple crews, striving for Operational Excellence.

Patrick’s entered the profession some 25+ as an Apprentice, and then becoming fully Licensed in many lines of the business.

Patrick’s deep knowledge of the operations and his passion to execute projects on-time and on-budget has led him to work very closely with Workers and General Contractors & Site/Project Managers, mentoring many Workers to elevate their quality of work and always ensuring that projects stay on budget/schedule.

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